Wish to learn how to create the most effective looks and wardrobe and:

  • Want to boost your "Style Confidence" and always leave the best impression of yourself!

  • You have a jam-packed closet but nothing to wear so you want to create your personal Capsule Wardrobe, maintain it and shop smart according to set concept

  • Find out how to invest in the right apparel and accessories to maximize your professional impact and recognition.

  • Wish to find out the most effective color combinations to leave the best impression in business, event or party setting!

  • You’re ready to become the best version of yourself to attract more success in any life situation.

  • Find out how to invest in the right apparel and accessories to maximize your professional impact and recognition

  • Wish to find out the most effective colors and color combinations to leave the best impression

  • Want to "look like million dollars" - "looking dressed expensive" even on unbelievable budget using only visual tips and tricks!

  • Want to de-clutter your wardrobe, mindset and lifestyle, shop smart not to lose money or yourself in piles of unnecessary clothes and items.

  • Want to set and maintain the Million Dollar Style mindset for attracting more success, personal and business growth


Learn everything about color psychology

Learn when to use certain colors to create the right impression. Each color represents different emotion, feeling and message. Learn what positive impacts each color carries and what are the cons or negative effects you don't want to use to represent yourself the best possible way! Know your most effective options in choices of colors!

Million Dollar Style

Personal Image Course - a life changing program designed to help develop a unique mindset that can help to achieve more success in various areas of their life, such as business, career, social life, and personal relationships.

    1. Welcome to the course!

    2. You never get a SECOND chance to make a FIRST impression!

    3. Overview of Million Dollar Style

    1. Color Psychology - Color’s Impact on Psychology, Mood and Attitudes

    2. Impress With The Right Colors

    3. Million Dollar Style Color Combinations

    4. Creating Color Palette - Crafting Relevant Color Palettes for You or Your Brand

    1. Your Body Shape and Proportion

    2. Create Your Million Dollar Style Capsule Wardrobe / Shopping List

    3. Best Dress for Narrow Shoulders

    4. Best Dresses for Broad Shoulders

    1. The Science Facts Behind The First Impression

    2. The Million Dollar Style Mindset

    3. Golden Rules to Look Your Best!

    1. How to shop smart for your capsule wardrobe

    2. Finding Best Brands for your image & branding

    3. List of Timeless Must-Haves - Wardrobe Essentials / Shopping List!

    1. The Power of Accessories

    2. Selecting the Right Accessories

    3. What makes the outfit look cheap?

Million Dollar Style Course

  • $369.00
  • Comprehensive and immersive learning experience
  • Practical Hands-on Assignments and real-life visual examples
  • Theoretical & Practical Readable and Video Content Training

Bonus material

Loads of added BONUS included for FREE with the purchase of course!

  • $$$ Bonus 1

    Access to Resources: Offer downloadable resources such as templates, and guides that students can refer to as they practice and develop their skills. The course is structured to provide theoretical and practical training, with hands-on exercises, case studies based on real scientific facts.

  • $$$ Bonus 2

    Plenty of downloadable materials like exact clothing suggestions for your body type, step by step instructions on creating your own success capsule wardrobe and itemized, downloadable shopping lists created by professional image stylists.

  • $$$ Bonus 3

    Million Dollar Style is a life changing program designed to help develop a unique personal style that can help to stand out and achieve success in various areas of their life, such as business, career, social life, and personal relationships and maintain habits with the help of Million Dollar Style Community platform.

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Your Style Coach

Meet Your Style Expert

Personal Image & Style Expert Ieva Katana

IEVA KATANA is style expert, professional fashion designer and certified fashion stylist with over 15 years of experience in creating style for TV, film, commercials, celebrities, editorials, fashion magazines, catalogues, commercials, fashion stylings, brands, founder of KATANA brand and creator of Katana Style Studios and Million Dollar Style Personal Image building brand.


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Successful people use Million Dollar Style knowledge to attract more success!
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"Style is a reflection of attitude and personality."

Million Dollar Style for Music Video
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A course teaching the secrets of science of color psychology and professional rules of image building and steps to become new you.

A life changing course to successful looks!

Start a new life by becoming your own style guru! Style your way to endless success by learning everything you need to know about creating the most effective looks!

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